Final Exam Information

Dear SOBO Parents and Students:

As we enter the last few weeks of 2020 and begin preparing for Final Exams, I would like to Thank You for all of your hard work during this very difficult time. This year started out like nothing we have ever experienced and the effort of our students and parents to work through new procedures and routines has been amazing to say the least. I appreciate all of your hard work!

Final Exams are fast approaching. From December 16th - 18th Final Exams will be administered. Students will have two options for taking their final exams. Students may choose an in-person or remote model for taking their final exams. A student must choose only one option for their final exams, remote or in-person only.  If a student decides to take their final exams in-person, all COVID-19 Guidelines enacted at the beginning of the school year will be required of all students. If a student decides to take their final exams remotely, the student will be expected to have reliable internet access and will need to have a district  chromebook. The final exam can not be taken on a personal home device. Students taking final exams remotely will need to have a District Chromebook. If you do not have a district chromebook, then one will need to be picked up by the family before December 16th.

Students choosing to take their Final Exams in-person will need to email Keeley ([email protected]) in the High School Office by Wednesday, December 9th. If a student does not notify the school by December 9th, then the student will take their Final Exams remotely. 

There will be transportation and breakfast/lunch available for In-person students who choose this option. Buses will run their normal morning route and an afternoon bus will be available to depart the high school at 2:15 PM. Students who ride the bus to school are not required to take the bus home if they have a parent approved transportation home. Students that do not have to take a make-up exam can leave after the scheduled final exam on Thursday and Friday. 

Information regarding final exemptions forms will be emailed to students at the start of next week. Make up exams will need to be scheduled with the specific teacher. 

If you have any questions or concerns please call the high school office. 


Go Sobos!

Jeremy Schaaf



December 16th (Wednesday)

December 17th 


December 18th 


1st - 8:30-10:00

2nd - 10:15-11:45

Lunch 11:45-12:30

3rd - 12:35-2:05

4th - 8:30-10:00

6th - 10:15-11:45

Lunch - 11:45-12:30

Make-Up 12:35-2:05

7th - 8:30-10:00

8th - 10:15-11:45

Lunch - 11:45-12:30

Make-Up 12:35-2:05