Update on COVID-19 Closure

I hope this message finds your family safe and healthy during this difficult time. As you already know, Governor Pritzker has canceled school through April 7th for the entire state of Illinois. Both the Governor and the State Board of Education have called for school districts to provide for the continued education of all Illinois students. We are prepared to provide our eLearning opportunities to families in District 320. We know our staff, our students and our families are up to this important challenge.

Starting Monday, March 30th, SBHS will begin to take part in eLearning till we return to school. Starting next week teachers will be emailing out eLearning assignments and activities to students in their courses. Content area courses are broken into even and odd days based upon the calendar. Even days will consist of English and Social Studies, Odd days will be Math and Science. Exploratory courses will assign weekly projects. This will assist with time spent at home learning and working with specific courses on designated days. Students will need to utilize their school email for correspondence with their teachers and personal devices for course information. Students will need to access Google Classroom as well as other instructional applications to enhance learning while at home. This is not the ideal experience that we all want, however at this time, it is our best option to continue to learn as we near the end of the spring semester.

Throughout this learning experience, our teachers will be in constant contact with students and parents to ensure that activities and lessons are completed. Grades will be taken on submitted work. Our priority is to work tirelessly with you during this experience that we are all enduring. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your teacher and the office.

As always, thank you for your patience and support as we all work through this together.